Ireland is a country that welcomes non EU students from all over the world. Enrolments are limited to private fee paying schools.However, as these are almost all “Not for profit” trusts and the Irish State continues to subsidise these fee paying schools to a very considerable extent, Irish private education can offer an educational standard equal to the very best UK private schools at much lower fees. 

IEG will help you secure a place in a top private school, whether boarding or day. We provide a full 24/7 guardianship service and, because we accept only a limited number of applicants, we are able to provide a highly personal service.

You will be met at the airport by one of our Directors, taken to your Boarding School or host family and will have almost daily contact during the settling in process. 

We will assist you in obtaining students visas, registration with the Irish National Immigration Service which is mandatory for all students. We can organise host family accommodation with trusted families during school holidays

During your stay at second level we will provide a very personalised Guardianship service, helping you to plan for your third level studies whether that be in the UK, Europe or the USA.


Private Boarding Schools

Through our long established connections in the academic world, IEG has unique access to Ireland’s elite boarding schools. Many of these schools are highly selective and we will help you through the application process. We will guide you to the school most appropriate to your needs, whether that be academic, sporting or artistic and prepare you for interview whether that be by live interview or Skype.


Private Day Schools

We offer a similar service as we do to Boarding Schools, with the additional service of placing students in carefully selected host families in safe residential areas close to the school. For all students, a positive host family experience is vital to a successful academic programme and the student should be willing to become involved in family activities, particularly at weekends, whether that be sporting, walking or even shopping. We will provide full details of all potential families to the parent before the student arrives in Ireland and, where possible, will set up Skype or Facetime interviews with host families.