EU students can elect to attend either public or private schools. All schools with whom we work are carefully chosen, are academically excellent and provide a wide range of subject choices. 

We provide a hands on, personal  service to our students. We avoid schools that have too many international students of a single linguistic background.


Private Boarding Schools

Through our long established connections in the academic world, IEG has unique access to Ireland’s elite boarding schools. Many of these schools are highly selective and we will help you through the application process. We will guide you to the school most appropriate to your needs, whether that be academic, sporting or artistic and prepare you for interview whether that be by live interview or Skype.


Private Day Schools

We offer a similar service as to Boarding Schools with the additional service of placing students in carefully selected host families in safe residential areas close to the school. For all students, a positive host family experience is vital to a successful academic year and the student should be willing to become involved in family activities, particularly at weekends, whether that be sporting, walking or even shopping. We will provide full details of all potential families to the parent before the student arrives in Ireland and, where possible, will set up Skype or Facetime interviews with host families.


Public Day Schools

Ireland is fortunate in having a first class public school system. Our teachers are an all graduate profession with a post graduate qualification in teaching. Over the past thirty years, IEG has established close working relations with first class public schools throughout Ireland. For Dublin schools early application is essential as most schools we work with have strict quotas for international students. For the budget conscious parent, we have a number of excellent public schools outside Dublin but all with 60 to 90 minutes from Dublin airport.

In fact, for a real Irish experience, we find that students outside the Dublin area are most likely to integrate with the local community and mix socially more successfully with their Irish school fellows. This leads to a better cultural experience and a better exposure to the English language.

As with private schools, we take the same care in choosing host families and over many years have built up valuable relations with reliable host families close to our chosen partner schools.