Family Name
Family Name
Date of Birth:
Date of Birth:
Estimated Level of English:
Has the student previously passed an internationally recognised English language exam?
Mother’s Full Name:
Mother’s Full Name:
Mother’s Address:
Mother’s Address:
Mother’s Phone Number:
Mother’s Phone Number:
Father’s Full Name:
Father’s Full Name:
Father’s Address:
Father’s Address:
Father’s Phone Number:
Father’s Phone Number:
Based on your decision from consultation with Irish Education Group or your agency please give details on the following:
Length of stay:
Selected Accommodation
It is very important when providing fiight details that all dates and times are correct. Irish Education Group will have a staff member at the airport ready to collect and transfer your son/daughter.
Arrival Date, time, Flight number & airline to Dublin airport:
Departure Date, time, Flight number & airline to Dublin airport:
We have not yet booked flights and:
Does your son/daughter have an EHIC (European Health insurance card)?
Is your son/daughter fully covered by a family health insurance policy which is valid for their stay inIreland?
I give permission for EIG staff, in an emergency, to follow the advice of attending medical staff and to authorise medical treatment and/or an anaesthetic for my son/daughter
I/We conlirm that all the information in sections 1-7 is correct. I/We conlirm acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined on the following page


High School fees include:

  • Selection and screening of high school and advice on the Irish education  system, rules, exams and procedures
  • School fees (for private schools), except where it is agreed that school fees be paid directly to the school
  • Full board host family or boarding accommodation. Screening of suitable family or boarding
  • Regular contact between Irish Education Group and host family.
  •  24 hour guardianship service
  • Transfer to / from airport at the beginning and  end  of the high  school programme
  • Advice on Visa application for non-EU students
  • Assistance in purchasing  school text books, additional school materials and  uniforms (withdrawn from contingency fund)
  • Reports on student's progress
  • Managing and controlling the contingency fund

High School fees do not include:

  • Flights
  • Private medical insurance
  • Daily transportation costs in Ireland where required
  • Airport transfers during the program (Apart from first arrival and final departure airport transfers)

  • School and sports uniforms, textbooks, print copies, subject specific materials, sports equipment (withdrawn from containgency fund)
  • Contingency fund  €1,000. This issued to cover additional costs (If applicable) such as school fees, textbooks, uniform, school excursions etc. The fee is mandatory and any remaining founds are returned upon departure.
  • Christmas and Easter holiday accommodation.
  • Extras for school excursions
  • Extra 1:1 support classes or examinations


Irish Education Group's High School programe is available for students aged 12-18 years old.

Deposit and Payment

A non-refundable deposit of EUR 1000 is to be paid within 30 days after the booking form has been received and reviewed by Irish Education Group. All remaining fees (including the contingency fund) are payable two months prior to arrival. All fees should be paid by bank transfer.


Contingency Fund:

Compulsory for all High School. EUR 1000 unless otherwise specified by Irish Education Group. Detailed expenses, account summary and balance is sent at regular intervals and at the end of student's stay. Any amount not spent will be refunded.


Arrival and Departure transfers:

Compulsory for all High School students. Arrival and transfers are included in the fees. Additional transfers during school year can be booked and deducted from deposit account A student that is accompanied by an adult at the airport and does not require a transfer must notify Irish Education Group in advance and send the full details of the guardian, including phone number.


Homestay accommodation:

Single room on a full board basis. AH Irish Education Group's host families are experienced and pre-screened families.


Boarding  accommodation:

Shared dormitory accommodation on a full board basis. All Irish Education Group boarding school accommodations are pre-screened dormitories shared rooms.



All High School students must take out private medical and travel insurance for the full duration of their stay. In addition, all EU nationals should bring their European Health Insurance Cards. These cards cover public medical care in Ireland.


Allergies, medical needs and special requirements:

All allergies and special needs, including medical conditions, must be informed at the time of registration.


School Holidays:

Irish High Schools dose for two weeks at Christmas and Easter. The fees do not include accommodation for these periods. Accommodation can be arranged at extra cost IEG must be informed at least one month in advance. Accommodation for mid-term breaks is covered (one week in October and one week in February).


Irish Education Group offers Visa application support but all High School students should get in touch with their local Embassy for information.


Changes to the program:

All information in this contract is correct at the time of printing. Irish Education Group does not take responsibility for any changes beyond the company's control. IRISH Education Group has the right to change details and program content at anytime due to errors or omissions. In such cases, you will be informed as soon as possible in writing.



Each student must a bide by the school and host family/boarding school rules of behavior at all times. IEG does not accept individual responsibility for  student behavior during their stay.



By enrolling to this program the parents and guardians of the student consent to the reasonable use of the student's details and achievements, including images and recordings, of the student how so ever made, for promotional purposes. IEG must be notified in writing at the time of booking if you do not agree to any aspect of this.


Cancellation and Refund:

  • 50% of deposit is refundable when a written cancellation is made at least S months before arrival date. No refunds are made if cancellation is made less than 5 months prior to arrival.
  • No refunds are payable if a student is expelled for behavioral reasons.
  • IEG advises all parents to find out if a local insurance company offers an insurance that covers early cancellations. This insurance may cover lost school fees.
  •  If a student has to cancel early due to personal reason. part of the fee may be refundable but can not be guaranteed. Irish Education
  • If a student has to cancel early due to personal reason, part of the fee may be refundable but can not be guaranteed. Irish Education Group communication this with each student depending on the individual case.