Complete Overview

At Junior level students study a very wide range of subjects including, English, Mathematics, General Science, History, Geography, Art, Music, Physical Education and Modern Languages, which may include Spanish, French, German, Italian etc. There is generally an option of afternoon sports which may include Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, Choir, or Orchestra.


 Transition Year

Transition Year serves as a bridge between the Junior Cert and the more academic Leaving Certificate course. While it retains a good proportion of the traditional academic subjects, each school is free to set its own curriculum and the student has an opportunity for self development in a less examination oriented atmosphere. The year is extremely popular with Spanish and other EU students who want to spend an academic year in Ireland. Full transcripts are provided by the participating schools and the year is recognised as satisfactory completion of 4th Year by all EU schools


Leaving Certificate

The Leaving Certificate is the final two years course of formal study leading to University Entrance. There is a compulsory core group of subjects which must be taken by all students.

These include Mathematics, English, and a modern language. In addition students will have a choice of subjects specialising in Sciences, Arts or Business

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